The National Smallholder Poultry Development Trust (NSPDT) enables poor women in rural India to start and run successful poultry enterprises.

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Smallholder Poultry

NSPDT’s smallholder community poultry model enables poor women in rural India to start and run successful poultry enterprises.

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Big Opportunity in Poultry

The Indian poultry meat industry, which annually produces 2.3 million tonnes (FAOSTAT, 2010), is the fifth largest in the world and one of the most competitive. Per capita meat consumption at 1.8 kg/ year (GoI, 2010) is much lower than the 11 kg recommended by the Nutrition Advisory Council

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A woman producer earns at least ₹50,000 a year from the activity. Today, more than 15,000 women poultry producers organized in 31 producers organisations in Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal, and Assam posted sales of Rs.625 crores and earned over Rs.40 crores profit (FY 2022-23), and these organizations now have total equity base of Rs. 82.75 crores.

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Over two decades of experience in launching and facilitating smallholder poultry collectives in varied socio-economic contexts; Codified systems and processes to launch and support the collectives.

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    About us

    NSPDT makes poultry possible for poor people.
    NSPDT’s smallholder community poultry model enables poor women in rural India to start and run successful poultry enterprises.

    Our vision

    To inspire, encourage, facilitate and promote the emergence of an efficient farmer-owned network of well-organised empowered smallholder poultry farmers, setting the very best standards of professional excellence and wholesome development.

    Our mission

    Promote and advance smallholder poultry as an instrument of bettering lives and livelihoods of rural families.

    To find out more about how NSPDT adapts modern industrial poultry to a small woman farmer in a remote village,click here.

    The National Smallholder Poultry Development Trust (NSPDT) is a Private Charitable Trust registered in New Delhi. NSPDT is also registered as a charitable organisation under Sections 12A and 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

    NSPDT's establishment has been supported by the Aga Khan Foundation through the European Commission co-financed SCALE Programme. NSPDT is also supported by Rabobank Foundation.



Dr H K Deka


Dr. H. K. Deka started his career as a development apprentice with a national level NGO “PRADAN” after passing his B.V.Sc. & A.H. in 2001 from CVSc, Khanapara. Dr. Deka is also sharing his time with National Small-holder Poultry Development Trust as its CEO.

Dr Mridu Pawan Hazarika


Dr. M. P. Hazarika joined Kesla Poultry Society in 2003 after completing his M.V.Sc. (Microbiology) from CVSc, Khanapara, Guwahati. He took charge as Chief Operating Officer of MPWPCL in 2009. He is the most energetic and action oriented person in the team.

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Building a life, flock by flock

From earning barely 15 from backbreaking manual labour, Kalso Bai now runs a successful poultry enterprise. Her children go to school, and the family has a larger home. In 2010, she earned more than 40,000 and plans to expand her production further Read More
The National Smallholder Poultry Development Trust (NSPDT) brings together support to grow, intensify and multiply poultry enterprises among poor women in rural India. NSPDT advocates policies to support smallholder poultry farmers and assists in mobilising resources, thereby creating favourable conditions for the development of smallholder poultry.


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