October 21, 2017


Big Opportunity in Poultry

The Indian poultry meat industry, which annually produces 2.3 million tonnes (FAOSTAT, 2010), is the fifth largest in the world and one of the most competitive. Per capita meat consumption at 1.8 kg/ year (GoI, 2010) is much lower than the 11 kg recommended by the Nutrition Advisory Council. The industry, currently growing at 18.6 per cent a year, is expected to continue this trend (USDA, 2010) on increased household purchasing power (per capita income rising at 6 per cent a year), rapid urbanisation and high income elasticity of meat demand.

Increase in per capita consumption of 50 gm poultry meat will generate an estimated 25,000 additional jobs (GoI, 2005.)

Smaller self-employed farms have a natural advantage in production, given the lack of technology differentiation (with larger farmers) and critical importance of husbandry.

Challenge for smallholders is to convert the farm-gate efficiency into a remunerative commercial proposition.